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3 Types of Exterior Damage To Watch Out for After Winter

Out of all the seasons, winter can be the most detrimental to your home. If you live in a region with punishing winters, then getting your house winter-ready is probably already a part of your maintenance routine. However, no matter how much we try to protect our home from the harshness of winter, some types of damage, especially to the exterior, can sometimes be inevitable. 

In today’s post, reputable deck contractor Maris Home Improvements enumerates the X most common types of damage that your home can suffer during the winter and gives you tips on how to fix them.

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How to Set Your Budget for Bathroom Remodeling

Planning on updating that old bathroom in your home? A bathroom remodel is an important home improvement task that can add significant value to your property as well as a satisfaction to your daily living experience. While it’s exciting to browse catalogs, from sink countertops to light fixtures, you also have to think about the costs. In this article, Maris Home Improvements, a trusted bathroom and deck contractor, highlights three budgeting tips to help you carry out your project in a timely and efficient manner. 

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How to Properly Maintain Your Cedar Deck All Year Round

Any exterior remodeling contractor will tell you that cedar is one of the best materials you can use when installing a deck in your home. After all, it’s durable, attractive to look at, environmentally friendly, and it’s incredibly versatile when it comes to stains, colors, and finishes while remaining affordable at the same time. However, if you opt to install a cedar deck in your home, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind; you can only reap these benefits if you maintain it all year round.

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Efficient Bathroom Design: Separating Wet and Dry Zones

As a leading home improvement company, Maris Home Improvements also offers interior renovation services, especially bathroom overhauls. In fact, we give full importance to designing stylish and fully efficient bathrooms, including the separation of the wet and dry zones in bathrooms. This is actually becoming a popular trend in home improvement. But how do wet and dry zones work, exactly?

Easy and High-Impact Upgrades for Your Guest Bathroom

As your expert local deck contractor, Maris Home Improvements also specializes in all manner of remodeling services, including bathrooms. It can be easy to leave your bathroom as it should, but that changes when you have guests to entertain. When you plan on inviting some guests to your home, it’s important to have a nice and functional bathroom for them to use. If you’re looking for creative ways to upgrade your guest bathroom, then here are some ideas that you might want to try out.

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