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Efficient Bathroom Design: Separating Wet and Dry Zones

Efficient Bathroom Design: Separating Wet and Dry Zones

As a leading home improvement company, Maris Home Improvements also offers interior renovation services, especially bathroom overhauls. In fact, we give full importance to designing stylish and fully efficient bathrooms, including the separation of the wet and dry zones in bathrooms. This is actually becoming a popular trend in home improvement. But how do wet and dry zones work, exactly?

What’s Wet and What’s Dry 

In a bathroom, the wet zone is the area where the water-based activities take place. This is usually where your shower or bathtub is. The dry zone is the more commonly-used area of the bathroom, which contains the vanity and the toilet. If you want to keep maintaining your bathroom without much hassle, then it’s important to keep these areas separate.

Bathroom Design Suggestions

With modern bathroom trends emphasizing wet and dry zones, it can be a great opportunity to improve your own bathroom’s overall layout and design. For larger bathrooms, you can install a half-wall to separate the wet and dry areas. Half-walls prevent the water from splashing around your bathroom while still not looking as invasive. Just make sure to design it in a way that doesn’t obstruct how much natural light both areas receive. The wall shouldn’t make your bathroom look cramped as well. You can consult with a reputable interior and exterior remodeling contractor to know how it can be done in your bathroom.

Even if you have a smaller bathroom, there are other ways to cleanly separate your wet and dry areas. Installing an enclosed glass shower cubicle is one stylish way to partition your bathroom. The glass also prevents the natural light from shining into your bathroom. Shower curtains can be used as well. Unlike glass shower doors, they can bring more visual texture to your bathroom while still serving as a good partition for wet and dry areas.

Maris Home Improvements is an excellent windows and fencing contractor that also offers other services from bathroom renovations deck installations. No matter what the job, we do it with quality workmanship and efficiency. Contact us at (636) 200-5566 or (636) 778-4343 for a free estimate, or you can submit an online contact form.

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