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Things You Need to Know About Privacy Fences

Things You Need to Know About Privacy Fences

If you’re getting tired of feeling like an open book to the public even if you’re already in the comfort of your own home, installing a privacy fence can help you feel at ease. However, if you’re still lacking basic information regarding it, worry not. A leading fencing contractor will share some of the things you need to know about the privacy fence in this article.

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How to Measure Your Property for Fence Installation

How to Measure Your Property for Fence Installation

Fencing measurement errors can result in various issues and costly repairs.  We need to make sure that we are building within the boundaries of your land and install the right length of panels.  

Below, Maris Home Improvements discusses how we measure your property for fence installation as your trusted local fence installer and deck contractor.

Know Where Your Property Lines Are

Determine the exact location of your property lines. A plat or property map will help to confirm the location of your property lines. This may require having to take down your fence if it crosses your neighbor’s property. This step is crucial as it will affect the rest of your project. We may need to have a land surveyor check your property or consult county records. 

Hire a Professional

To ensure the accuracy of your fence measurements, contact a professional like us. As an experienced provider of exterior renovation services, you can count on Maris Home Improvements to help you make the right decisions for your property. Our team can handle any vinyl or aluminum fencing project.

Local Zoning Codes & Restrictions

Certain cities have strict fencing requirements. We are familiar with the codes that need to be met. This is important because they may limit the placement and style of your fence. These codes may apply for backyard and front yard fencing. You may also have to get specifications approved with your homeowners association and we will assist with that process as well.

Slopes & Obstructions

As professional contractors, we contact local utility locators to find utility lines, trees, and any permanent obstructions within your property. We consider them when we take measurements. Aside from that, your yard may have slopes and contours that will affect the measurements. The slope percentage will be taken into account, as well.

Measuring Your Yard

We may place stakes at certain areas where fence panels will meet at a 90-degree angle. Using the stakes as a guide, we will measure the perimeter of the area in feet. Then, divide the perimeter by the size of the panels you wish to install. Standard panels are around six to eight feet. The resulting figure is how many panels we’ll need for your project. 

Improve your property’s security and privacy with quality fencing from Maris Home Improvements. We also specialize in siding installation and replacement window services. Call us at (636) 200-5566 or complete our online form to request a free estimate.