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Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Deck

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Deck

A well-constructed deck can last for decades, but that doesn’t mean you have to disregard it. Like the other important components of your home, cleaning and maintaining it is imperative. Doing these things prevents it from incurring serious problems that could put you and others in danger.

Now that the warmer days are here, it would make sense to improve your deck and make it useful again after months of neglect. Maris Home Improvements, home of your local exterior renovation services pros, offer these spring cleaning and maintenance tips.

Inspecting the Structure

It is one of the important steps you need to take when maintaining your deck. Check for any signs of rot, mildew, or popped out nails. Most of the fixes can be done on your own, but just to be sure, it would be best to hire a pro who can ensure the deck’s overall performance and safety.

Looking for Rot

Wood rot may manifest in a variety of ways. Check for any discoloration, softness, splinters, or looseness.  As your local deck contractor, it is important you do this throughout the deck’s structure since it can be a matter of safety. Consider having the rotting areas replaced with new wood.

Finding Mildew Buildup

The harsh winter season can do a number on your deck. As such, take time to inspect for mildew buildup around the whole structure. While easier to treat compared to wood rot, it requires thorough cleaning using a wood cleaner.

Cleaning and Staining the Surface

Sweep the deck surface to remove any dust or debris. Use the blunt edge of a knife to scrape off stubborn stains. Then, dilute your deck cleaner or bleach with water. Using a scrub brush, work your way across the deck to remove any algae. Once dry, you can revitalize your deck with a fresh coat of stain.

For your deck construction needs, trust Maris Home Improvements. We ensure professional workmanship using the finest products and installation techniques. We put quality at the forefront of every project we do from start to finish.

Apart from decks, we also perform leaking window repair, siding installation, and roof replacement, among others. Call (636) 200-5566 to get started or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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