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3 Types of Exterior Damage To Watch Out for After Winter

3 Types of Exterior Damage To Watch Out for After Winter

Out of all the seasons, winter can be the most detrimental to your home. If you live in a region with punishing winters, then getting your house winter-ready is probably already a part of your maintenance routine. However, no matter how much we try to protect our home from the harshness of winter, some types of damage, especially to the exterior, can sometimes be inevitable. 

In today’s post, reputable deck contractor Maris Home Improvements enumerates the X most common types of damage that your home can suffer during the winter and gives you tips on how to fix them.

1. Ice Dams and Gutter Damage

Ice dams may look pretty hanging on the eaves of your roof and your gutters but they are extremely damaging. In regions that go below freezing, ice dams and frozen gutters can be a serious cause for concern and are something that should never be taken lightly. 

Ice dams can weaken your entire roofing system and solid blocks of ice in your gutters can weigh them down and cause them to detach from the side of your home completely. If your home has suffered from ice dams during the winter, it is best to contact an exterior renovation services provider to have them check out your roofing and gutter systems. 

2. Siding Damage

The most commonly used siding material in the United States is vinyl. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install but freezing cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your vinyl siding and cause them to crack. After the winter, be sure to give your siding a thorough inspection and if you find any damaged panels, be sure to have them replaced right away

3. Sticky Windows

After being kept closed for a long period of time, you may find that your windows are difficult to open. Snow and ice tend to collect on your window sills and may cause your window frames to swell or even warp making it nearly impossible to budge without damaging them further. If this is the case, you may want to consider replacement windows services and upgrading to more winter-resistant windows.

Aside from winterizing your home before the cold season, be sure to call in an exterior specialist like Maris Home Improvements to check out your home after winter. Give us a call at (636) 778-4343 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free appointment with one of our experts.

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