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What Do Contractors Do When It Rains During a Siding Job?

What Do Contractors Do When It Rains During a Siding Job?

Siding contractors don’t usually work when it’s raining except when completing emergency repairs. Reliable contractors monitor the weather and would get in touch with you if the project can’t be completed due to weather.

Find out what happens when it rains during an exterior renovation job from deck and siding replacement specialist, Maris Home Improvements. 

Siding Installation

Replacing siding on a house usually takes a day or more. However, on bigger houses, your contractor can work in sections to avoid getting caught in the rain and having to postpone your project completely. Your contractor wants to avoid having your home’s exterior unsided for any period of time during inclement weather.

Siding Leaks

If you have leaking siding that requires immediate attention, contact your contractor to stop the leak as soon as possible. Your contractor your determine what needs to be done based on the size of the leak to keep water out during the rain. However, it won’t last long and isn’t meant to be a permanent repair. You’d have to wait until the weather is clear for a long-term repair.

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