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How to Inspect Popular Types of Siding for Damage

How to Inspect Popular Types of Siding for Damage

Performing regular inspections on your home lets you spot potential problems before they get worse. You’re not expected to perform repairs, but you can bring it to the attention of your contractor. In this blog, your local siding replacement specialist Maris Home Improvements shares a look at how to inspect different types of siding.

Wood Siding

Wood siding coated with paint or stain for protection against rot. Therefore the first thing you should look out for during your inspection is cracked, peeling, or bubbling paint. Reapply paint as soon as you find them to avoid moisture damage.

If parts of the siding feels soft and spongy, then it’s likely rotten and should be replaced. You can check for dry rot—a type of rot caused by certain types of fungi—by firmly tapping on the boards. Pieces of cracked and crumbled wood would fall out if dry rot has already set in. You will need to have your siding and fencing contractor replace rotted siding as soon as possible.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can either be made with an aluminum core, or as solid extruded vinyl. With the former, you need to watch out for cracks or anything that exposes the aluminum layer, as it could get corroded. Most new vinyl siding is the extruded type, which means it may have molded-in colors, in which case, you won’t have to worry about rot or damaged paint. What you need to look out for is dents caused by impact damage. Also, some types of vinyl siding are susceptible to warping from sunlight reflected from neighboring windows.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is a mixture of wood fibers, cement, and silica from sand. It has proven resistance against common problems like warping, dry rot, and exposure to extreme temperatures. Factory-applied coatings are not impervious to impact damage, so keep an eye out for chipped paint. Some fiber cement manufacturers have warranties against damage to the paint layer, so be sure to check your warranty paperwork before calling for replacement.

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