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Window Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Window Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Window troubles are much more common than people think. Unless they are exposed to the intense heat of the sun in the summer and the freezing cold of the winter, these flaws won’t be noticeable at all. These issues affect the home’s indoor comfort and energy efficiency, which is why they must be addressed as soon as possible.

Maris Home Improvements, your local exterior renovation services provider, shares some of the common window problems and their solutions.


This problem happens in windows with double glazing. The cloudy or foggy appearance inside the glass means that the seals between the glass panes have failed. Ice might even form in this part of the window, especially in extremely cold weather. You might feel uncomfortable while inside your home when this happens, so you rely more on your heating system to achieve desirable indoor temperatures.

Drafty Windows

Like condensation, drafts make your indoors less comfortable, leading to a significant increase in your heating and cooling costs. Broken window seals, poor insulation, improper installation and extensive damage to the frames and other components are some of the reasons why windows become drafty. Pursuing leaking window repair can solve the problem, though a replacement may sometimes make sense in some cases.

Sticking Windows

Dealing with sticking windows can be frustrating. The difficulty of opening and closing them makes it a chore for homeowners, who just wanted to let some fresh air in during a warm day. Replacing these faulty fixtures helps you take advantage of ventilation better while keeping your home energy-efficient.

At Maris Home Improvements, we offer energy-efficient windows. Available in a wide variety of popular window styles, our units are also highly customizable. Through your selection of interior and exterior frame color, grid, glass package and hardware, you can easily complement your new windows with your home’s architectural style.

We are your window, fence, siding and deck contractor to turn to for your exterior home improvement needs. Call (636) 200-5566 or fill out our contact form to discuss the details of your planned project.

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