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Window Contractors: Red Flags to Watch Out For

Window Contractors: Red Flags to Watch Out For

When you’re dealing with a window replacement project, it’s important to work with a certified and reliable window replacement contractor. This is because the performance and quality of your windows will heavily depend on the quality of the installation. To avoid headaches and costly problems later on, make sure that you work with a trusted replacement window services contractor. In this post, we’ll share some of the warning signs to watch out for when looking for a window contractor. 

Rushed Consultations

A reliable window contractor will patiently take their time to break down the details of the window replacement process and listen to your goals on the project. If your prospective contractor tends to rush through the consultation process and wants you to get over with the contract immediately, then this is immediately a red flag since you aren’t dealing with a trustworthy company.

Your Prospective Contractor Doesn’t Give Referrals

A credible window and deck contractor should have a list of customers that are satisfied with their services, especially if they have been in business for decades on end. Homeowners will be more than willing to give reviews or even testimonials if they’re happy with your prospective contractor’s services. If you come across a contractor that won’t or can’t give referrals, move on to your next choice.

The Prices Are Too Good to Be True

It’s a good practice to get quotes from different window companies to see if the prices given to you are within the average ballpark figures. It’s good to stay on budget, but you should raise your eyebrows if the cost of the window replacement project is significantly lower than others. They might’ve underbid you and used poor quality materials for the project.

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