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What to Look for When Checking Windows for Winter Damage

What to Look for When Checking Windows for Winter Damage

Spring is here, which means it is time to give your home a thorough inspection to see how it stood up over the past few winter months. Your windows should be a top priority since they can easily tell you if they suffered damage caused by the frigid weather. The assessment of these important home components will vary depending on the window material.

In this blog, exterior remodeling contractor Maris Home Improvements shares the things to look for when checking windows for winter damage.

Signs of Winter Damage on Wood Windows

Old wood windows are likely to manifest issues after winter immediately than other window materials. The following are the things to look out for:

  • Rot – This happens when the wood frames and sashes are exposed to excess moisture. It makes the windows difficult to operate, necessitating an immediate window replacement.
  • Chipping – Excess moisture is also the reason why the windows’ paint coating starts chipping or peeling away.
  • Sticking – Temperature fluctuations during cold weather cause the wood window material to swell and contract. Like rot, this issue makes windows hard to open or close.
  • Broken weatherstripping – The caulk that ensures a tight seal for your windows may have been cracked or broken due to frigid temperatures. Consider replacing it as soon as you see the damage.

Signs of Winter Damage on Vinyl Windows

Old, worn-down vinyl windows may also experience the same issues as those mentioned above. There are, however, other problems you need to look out for during your inspection, including:

  • Condensation between the glass panes – If you have a double-paned vinyl window and you notice moisture forming between the glass panes, you most likely have a failed seal. Because it cannot provide insulation, it becomes less efficient and airtight. Call your local window and siding replacement specialist for a replacement.
  • Drafts – This issue can either be caused by faulty installation or winter damage to the frame or weatherstripping.

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