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Ideas That Will Make Your Bay and Bow Windows Stand Out

Ideas That Will Make Your Bay and Bow Windows Stand Out

Bay and bow windows never fail to improve one’s home. These window styles lend a sense of space that can make any room look bigger than it is. Moreover, they provide excellent design opportunities that will instantly boost the aesthetic of both the home’s interior and its exterior.

Maris Home Improvements, your local window and fencing contractor, shares some ideas that will make these windows stand out.

Window Seating

Using the bay window to create additional seating is easy to do. Add some cushions and well-placed pillows and you have a perfect place to read, have a cuppa, or just enjoy the view outside and rest after a long day. It may be a good idea in itself, but adding some attractive elements to the simple seating makes it a whole lot better.

For example, a bay or bow window can be treated as part of the length of the wall rather than a mere recess. Placing seats that follow the window’s curve establishes an inviting look that goes well with bright-colored pillows.

Home Office

The good thing about bay and bow windows is that they have enough depth to accommodate just about any fixture. In fact, you can create a home office by the window. A good-sized custom office desk, for instance, can be installed flush on the wall and the sill. Not only does this maximize floor space, but it also keeps your desk out of the way. Such utility is one reason for you to consider pursuing window replacement with us.

Additional Shelving

The space under the bay window can serve as additional shelving for your books, especially if you have custom shelves by the walls. It is a good way to achieve a continuous look, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor views and be in the mood to read.

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