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How to Stay on Top of the Mess During Window Replacement

How to Stay on Top of the Mess During Window Replacement

Replacing windows is a significant home improvement that can add value and give your living space a new look. It also takes effort to make sure things remain tidy during the window replacement process. However, following simple steps can help keep you on top of the mess and significantly reduce potential stress from your renovation project.

Schedule the Right Season to Install

Remember that the success of preparation for window replacement is also linked to proper timing. Hire a reliable window replacement specialist in Chesterfield, Mo, who can offer free estimates and professional advice. Window contractors can significantly reduce the stress related to projects like these. With their help, you can install windows during any season with less mess and fuss!

Remove Furniture and Cover the Floor

Before your window replacement starts, remove all furniture from the affected area and cover the floor with drop cloths or sheets. Furthermore, take special care to protect items that can’t be moved, such as a couch in the middle of the room. Remember to also drape drop cloths over any nearby walls or other surfaces. 

Removing furniture will help keep things clean and safe during installation and allow you to deep clean your home before moving everything back in place.

Cover the Remaining Furniture

Cover the remaining furniture with plastic sheets or drop cloths using painter’s tape to keep them in place. You can also cover vents with heavy-duty plastic sheeting and seal them around the edges with mastic caulk. Properly covering furniture will help protect it from the dust and debris generated by window replacement work.

Create a Work Area

Dedicating a work area for equipment is essential during window installation. A plastic tarp in the corner of the room or backyard is a great spot to store extra materials and any scraps from insulation or broken glass. Properly organizing your workspace will keep things clean while you’re replacing windows.

Cover Vents

Covering vents is a must during window installation. Remaining dust and debris can cause them to become clogged or inoperable, so you’ll want to be sure that all exposed vents are sealed with heavy-duty plastic sheeting and mastic caulk.

Reliable Window Replacement in Chesterfield, MO

Replacing windows is a big job you can manage if you take the proper precautions and training. For a reliable exterior remodeling contractor in Chesterfield, MO, consider Maris Home Improvements. Give us a call at (636) 778-4343 or drop a message via our online form to schedule an appointment.

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