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Window Replacement: Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home

Window Replacement: Simple Steps to Prepare Your Home

Beach or coastal designs have been a popular theme in home remodeling these past couple of years. The concept beyond them is pretty straightforward: use palettes, furniture and textures that resemble the feel of a tiny beach house by the sea. While incorporating it to your bathroom design might seem easy, it can be challenging to apply it in an actual remodel.

Consulting with a bathroom renovation and siding replacement specialist is a great place to start. Here are a few tips from our design experts at Maris Home Improvements.

Play With Relaxing Beach Colors

Coastal design is often confused with Hampton design due to their common ground: the beach. Both of them use a neutral color palette as base, but the difference comes in the use of accents. The latter favors bold, darker colors like navy blue and stone grey. Coastal designs, however, lean more toward a relaxed beach house aesthetic, featuring pops of color such as coral, yellow and turquoise.

Use the Right Patterns and Textures

Coastal bathrooms feature a light and playful setting, so you’ll have more versatility in terms of picking patterns and textures. For instance, you can combine a smooth stone floor with a mosaic wall to create the impression of water and sand surfaces. A professional interior and exterior remodeling contractor like Maris Home Improvements can help you mix and match different design options.

Use Beach Accessories

Who says you can’t bring the beach into your bathroom? Use actual pebbles and seashells to create the perfect coastal vibe in your space. Finish it off with woven pendant lights and timber accents and you can enjoy your love affair with the coast within your home.

As the leading bathroom remodeling and fencing contractor in the region, Maris Home Improvements can help bring your dream bathroom to life. Schedule a FREE consultation with our experts by calling (636) 948-6004 or by completing our contact form.

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