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Why Is Spring the Season for New Siding?

Why Is Spring the Season for New Siding?

Planning on getting new siding panels for your home? According to the leading siding and deck contractor in the area, you should consider having the siding replaced during springtime. What makes this season the best time to get new siding? Here are some of the best reasons according to our experts. 

You Spend Less Energy

Replacing your siding any other season will force you to use more energy than usual. During autumn and winter, an exposed home will require plenty of heating. On the other hand, you also spend extra on cooling during summer. Spring temperatures are more manageable, so your HVAC will spend less energy to keep you comfy until the new siding is in place.

Installation Is More Effective

The milder temperatures during spring is actually beneficial for siding and replacement window services specialists. When installing siding, some materials such as caulk or sealants tend to work better because they don’t dry out too fast and brittle or too slow to stay in place. This is especially true for siding that has to be covered with a layer of protective coating.

Fewer Pauses During Installation

Extreme weather can greatly slow down the pace of any siding project. Hot summers may force workers to wait until it’s cooled down a bit, winters are simply too cold for people to be working outside, and autumn often comes with plenty of unexpected rain showers. Spring has its share of rains and storms, but far fewer compared to the rest of the year so you can expect way fewer disruptions.

Contractors Have Better Schedules

Because most homeowners prefer to have exterior renovation services during autumn in preparation for winter, contractors tend to be fully booked around that time of the year. Spring season isn’t as busy as autumn, so you get more contractors to choose from and a more flexible working schedule.

Schedule your spring siding installation with the best in the area. Maris Home Improvements is the leading exterior services contractor in the area. You can call us at (636) 948-6004 or fill out this contact form to request an estimate.

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