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Helpful Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips You Can Try

Helpful Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips You Can Try

Vinyl doesn’t usually rot or wear, unlike wood. However, you may find cracks or punctures as it ages. One way to keep your siding looking as good as new is to prevent any shrubbery or trees from marring the material. However, when simple cleaning no longer works, it’s best to consider a replacement. In this post, your local exterior renovation services provider will give us three helpful vinyl siding cleaning tips.

Cleaning by Hand

When it comes to cleaning vinyl siding, we can always go back to basics and use the most available resources, our hands, to remove the stains. 

The best way to start your cleaning is to clean one small area at a time. By sectioning, you’ll know which part is clean and which is not. Do note that it’s also best to start scrubbing from the bottom to the top so that there’ll be no streaking. 

The Proper Way of Cleaning by Hand

Dampen the cloth or brush you’re using with the solution and scrub the dirt gently. You don’t need to exert too much strength because it can only result in cracking. Once you’re able to scrub the overall siding, make sure to rinse it with water to prevent any issues such as uneven drying and spotting.

Cleaning With Pressure Washer

Aside from simplifying your work, using a pressure washer lets you cut the time you’ll spend cleaning and even save energy. However, siding and replacement window services providers want you to understand that if you’re not able to use the pressure washer correctly, it can also result in more problems.

The Proper Way of Cleaning by Pressure Washer

Start by determining whether your manufacturer advises the use of pressure washer on the vinyl siding. Experts may tell you that pressure washer can only cause damages. However, if your manufacturer allows, you have to find out the right amount of pressure for your vinyl siding. Just like cleaning with hands, start from the bottom in small sections. Try to create a side-to-side motion at a steady pace so that there’ll be no streaking. Once done, rinse using a hose or buckets of water.

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