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A Quick Guide to Popular Siding Profiles

A Quick Guide to Popular Siding Profiles

New siding can transform the overall look of your home. It can also improve your humble abode’s defense against harsh weather conditions and energy efficiency. Before selecting a siding style, you must consider several factors, including profile.  

Here’s a quick guide to popular siding profiles. 

Traditional Lap

Siding profiles are usually installed horizontally to prevent rain and snow from infiltrating the material. Traditional lap siding is where the boards are slightly layered above the following board in a traditional lap layout. 

Dutch Lap

The boards of dutch lap siding resemble traditional lap, but they have a groove at the top. This feature allows them to cast appealing shadows that give home exteriors more dimension. 


Homeowners looking for a style with more texture should consider beaded siding. This profile features a bead at the bottom of each board. 

Board and Batten

In the past, board and batten siding was only made from wood. The boards included battens to conceal the gaps on the siding and protect it against moisture. Many homeowners prefer this siding profile due to the attractive shadow from the raised battens.


Like traditional lap, panel siding is installed on top of each other. However, the boards are placed vertically. 


Are you looking for something to further increase the beauty or curb appeal of your home? If so, consider shake siding. Often used for accent and added texture, this type of siding comes in various designs, including square, staggered, round, half cove, hexagonal and fish scale. 

Still can’t decide which siding profile to choose for your exterior? Let Maris Home Improvements help you select siding styles and colors to make your home stand out. Our skilled team also installs high-quality fences, windows and decks. Call us at (636) 778-4343 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. 

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