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Home Preparation Tips for Siding Installation

Home Preparation Tips for Siding Installation

Siding installation can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, as well as its energy efficiency. Read on to learn how you can effectively prepare for the installation process and get the most out of your home improvement investment. 

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Before installing new siding on your home’s exterior walls, they should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Ask for professional assistance to remove all dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas efficiently. Once all surfaces are clean, check carefully for any signs of damage or deterioration that may need repair before proceeding with the installation. 

Repairing Any Damage to the Siding Area

If you find any damaged areas while inspecting your walls prior to siding installation, contact a professional exterior remodeling contractor right away. They have the expertise to assess what needs repairs before beginning any work on your home’s exterior walls.  

Choosing a Color for Your New Siding 

When selecting a color scheme for outside elements like doorways or window frames, consider both interior design elements, such as furniture style and wall paint colors. You want them all working together in harmony. If you need expert advice on which siding color suits your home best, consult an experienced siding contractor.   

Making Sure All Utilities Are Disconnected

To avoid accidents during the removal or new installation, check if all utilities connected to the area have been disconnected beforehand, including electricity, water and gas lines. 

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