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Is Bigger Better When It Comes to Replacement Windows?

Is Bigger Better When It Comes to Replacement Windows?

As a window and siding replacement specialist, we tend to get asked if getting bigger windows is always a good idea. To this, we say yes. A lot of people often worry about several issues that they perceive comes with getting bigger windows, which we think shouldn’t be too much of a worry with today’s window technology.

In this post, Maris Home Improvements will try to explain just why bigger windows can be better. We will also deal with what people usually worry about when they get bigger windows, and try to explain just how today’s windows will help with these old issues.

Why Get Bigger Windows?

The very first answer to this question is simple: you want bigger windows because you want more natural light streaming into your home. There is no question that the bigger window designs with fewer panes will let in more natural light through the glass than smaller windows or window sets. This will do wonders in brightening up a room and can make your home seem bigger than it actually is.

This is also especially helpful during winter. Bigger windows have better passive solar heat gain, depending on the window style. When the sun is out, you will need less heating to keep your home warm and toasty, because you are already getting the heat you need from the sun.

And the biggest reason for the big windows? They look amazing, especially if your exterior remodeling contractor did a fantastic job designing the window and its surrounding area.

So What’s the Issue?

The issue most people have with bigger windows has something to do with the passive heat gain mentioned earlier. That is to say, the bigger windows tend to be hotter during the hotter months. This makes sense since people don’t want to be beside a hot window during a hot day.

There are various reasons why this fear is outdated today. Firstly, current windows are designed specifically to keep hot air and infrared light from passing through easily. In fact, most windows have double or triple panes with argon gas trapped in between each pane. This gas is responsible for dissipating warm air and light from passing through unhindered, which greatly reduces the heat you would feel coming from the outside of your home.

But what about heating your home during winter? This can easily be fixed by positioning some of your big windows with low U-value ratings in an area far from living spaces but situated near enough to heat these spaces. It would also help to position these windows in a side of your property that faces the setting sun.

At Maris Home Improvements, we won’t just help you out with installing bigger windows. We are an expert exterior renovation and fencing contractor, and we are happy to be of service for any of your home renovation needs. Give us a call at (636) 778-4343 or fill out our contact form to find out more about how we can help you out!

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