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4 Window Installation Mistakes Good Installers Don’t Commit

4 Window Installation Mistakes Good Installers Don’t Commit

The saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than in the building industry. This is why homeowners who want the best for their homes invest in hiring good replacement window installers.

In today’s post, replacement window and deck contractor Maris Home Improvements shares the installation mistakes that you shouldn’t have to worry about if you work with good replacement window installers.

1. Not Following the Manufacturer’s Instructions — Window replacement isn’t a “seen them once, seen them all” situation. Replacement windows may share similar styles and installation procedures, but installation requirements vary between manufacturers. Using the wrong kind of fasteners or installing a window on an unsuitable wall opening can result in problems such as leaks, rattling, or reduced efficiency.

2. Not Inspecting the Wall Opening — A good window installer will make sure that the windows are installed on a sound structure. Inexperienced installers often neglect to inspect the framing and look for conditions such as moisture damage. Anything that will compromise the structural integrity of the windows should be addressed first, otherwise, it will cause major problems down the line.

3. Ignoring Building Codes — Companies that provide replacement window services should be familiar with applicable building codes, both international and local. If your new windows do not comply with building codes, you may be compelled to have it corrected, with cost out of pocket. While there are few codes that are applicable to windows, they are concerned with emergency egress and are therefore important.

4. Misuse of Spray Foam — Filling the gap between the frame and wall opening with expanding spray foam is a standard part of window installation. As an insulating component, it helps prevent air and heat leaks by ensuring an airtight seal around the windows. Dispensing too much foam, or using high-expanding foam in tight gaps can result in bowed framing or distorted window frames.

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