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Do You Need a Permit to Build Your Fence?

Do You Need a Permit to Build Your Fence?

Fences are great for improving curb appeal and providing security around your home. Most cities and states require permits for fence construction to ensure that the size, design, materials and scale of the fences comply with local building codes. 

In this post, Maris Home Improvements shares more information about obtaining a permit for your fence.

Fencing Permits

The permit needed to build a fence varies, depending on the rules and regulations established by your city or county. Based on the guidelines of your local authority, you’ll be able to know which kinds of fences require a permit and which ones don’t. Remember that different areas across the country have varying terrains, environments and local features, so the rules on fence construction may be different from one place to another.

Most laws about fence construction limit the height of artificial fences in residential communities to 4 feet in front yards and 6 feet in backyards. There are also local ordinances and subdivision rules called Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions to keep in mind. Make sure to consult experts regarding fencing regulations so that your fence will be up to code.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

If you live in a rural area where wildlife could potentially wander in your yard, getting a permit for a barbed wire fence will be easier than when you’re in the city. Some neighborhoods also share fences for better security, but these types of fences require the approval of all the involved homeowners. Furthermore, some permitting offices may ask for a computer-aided design (CAD) of your proposed fence. So if you’re set on building a fence on your property, it’s best to let pros assist you with the permits and construction.

When looking for an exterior remodeling contractor, Maris Home Improvements can provide all the high-quality services you need. From building fences to constructing a new deck, we are confident that we can enhance your home through our comprehensive solutions and our experienced crew. In our company, we are all about delivering exceptional workmanship, personable service and great value.

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