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7 Low-Cost, High-Impact Garage Updates

7 Low-Cost, High-Impact Garage Updates

Your garage plays a pivotal role in the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether it’s used to house your car or serves as storage for your belongings or a workspace, a few cost-effective enhancements can significantly boost its value and utility. Garage and deck contractor Maris Home Improvements shares below a few garage updates that can transform your space without draining your wallet.

  1. Effective Storage Systems. Maximizing the storage potential of your garage can make a substantial difference. Implement wall shelving, ceiling racks, and rolling storage carts to keep your floor space clear and your items organized.
  2. Improved Insulation. Adding insulation to your garage can help maintain a consistent temperature, reducing energy costs and enhancing comfort. In the fluctuating climates of Missouri, this is a sensible update that prevents damage to vehicles and stored goods due to extreme temperatures. As a trusted replacement window services expert, we also recommend complementing garage insulation with high-quality windows to further boost the space’s energy efficiency.
  3. Enhance Functionality with Electrical Outlets. Electrical outlets provide the versatility your garage needs to become a multipurpose space. More outlets mean more convenience, whether you’re doing woodwork, car maintenance, or any hobby you’re into. It’s an affordable upgrade that a certified electrician can complete with ease.
  4. Concrete Floor Restoration. The concrete floor on your garage withstands daily abuse from vehicle traffic and heavy storage. Addressing cracks and defects in the concrete is a cost-effective way to protect the integrity of your garage floor. As part of our garage improvement, we make sure the floors have a durable coating or an interlocking covering for added protection.
  5. Garage Door Replacement. The appearance of your garage door can drastically affect your home’s curb appeal. Upgrading to a stylish, more functional door can be quite affordable and offers an excellent return on investment, often boosting your home’s value.
  6. Simple DIY Parking Guide. A parking guide ensures optimal use of space and prevents accidental damage to your vehicle and storage items. A low-tech solution like a suspended tennis ball can save the day, making it a low-cost yet highly practical enhancement.
  7. Garage Waterproofing. In areas with substantial precipitation, waterproofing your garage floor is crucial to prevent water damage. This protective measure will ensure the longevity of your flooring and safeguard the contents of your garage.

In addition to providing exterior renovation services, Maris Home Improvements specializes in garage finishing. We provide top quality materials, at competitive prices, and use certified installers. We can evaluate your garage requirements, review any desired changes, and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Get yours today — call (636) 778-4343, or fill out our contact form.

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