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What Are the HOA Guidelines for Building Decks?

What Are the HOA Guidelines for Building Decks?

If you belong to a homeowner association (HOA), every modification or addition you make to your home has to be carefully considered. In this post, Maris Home Improvements, a premier provider of outdoor living and replacement window services in the area, shares some important guidelines to keep in mind when building a deck in your home.

  • Read your HOA’s CC&Rs. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions or CC&Rs state the rules and property limitations of a planned community neighborhood. These documents are different for every HOA, so it is important to review the CC&Rs for the HOA you belong to. If you need any classification about the deck building guidelines, do not hesitate to ask a board member.
  • Get pre-approval for your project. Most HOAs require you to submit a proposal form and may ask you for additional documents. The board may approve your outdoor living project as-is or agree to it with conditions.
  • Hire a qualified contractor. Once the HOA board approves your plan, the next step is to look for a qualified deck contractor to carry out the project. Your HOA may require you to hire a licensed contractor with insurance coverage, so make sure the company you select meets these standards.
  • Get any necessary permits. Most exterior improvement renovations require building permits from the city or municipality. Your HOA’s CC&Rs should dictate whether you are supposed to acquire these permits or your contractor is responsible for this part of the procedure. You may also need to submit these permits to your board before the construction begins.

You can count on Maris Home Improvements for high-quality exterior renovation services, including deck building and fence installation. Our certified team aims to improve the look and functionality of your home by providing industry-leading products and solutions. Call us at (636) 948-6004 or fill out our contact form to request a free, no-obligation quote. 

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