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Vinyl Decking and Its Pros and Cons

Vinyl Decking and Its Pros and Cons

When it comes to installing a new deck into your home, the most popular choices are often wood. After all, wood has been used to make decks for years, so it’s understandable if that’s what you decide to go with. However, in recent years vinyl decking (also known as cellular PVC decking) has been experiencing a surge in popularity. But keep in mind that just because vinyl decks are popular, it doesn’t mean you should go for them without any preamble.

In this post, deck contractor Maris Home Improvements discusses the pros and cons of vinyl decking.

The Pros of Vinyl Decking

One of the advantages that vinyl decking can bring you is its resistance to various damages and mold and mildew growth. Since vinyl decks are made of synthetic material, they won’t splinter like wood will and due to the lack of organic materials, the chances of pests ever damaging the deck is basically non-existent. Despite this, however, your deck can still give you the look and feel of a wood deck due to the mimicry of its graining.

Vinyl decks also come in a wide range of sizes, lengths and widths which can allow you to modify and build your deck to whichever size and style you please. When it comes to color, on the other hand, you’ll find that you won’t be lacking in options if you ever want to give your home a colorful flare. Vinyl decks also don’t require as much maintenance as wood decks would and only needs the usual periodic cleaning to maintain its appearance and condition. To install a cellular PVC deck in your home, you can hire Maris Home Improvements, the experts in exterior renovation services, for the best results.

The Cons of Vinyl Decking

With all that said, however, vinyl decking does come with its own disadvantages. For instance, vinyl decks can cost more to install, despite the warranty most brands offer homeowners and the lengthy lifespan they have.  Vinyl decks also require certain installation requirements and any sawdust or shavings have to be removed since they aren’t biodegradable. Finally, not all neighborhoods allow vinyl decking in homes. Therefore, check your local restrictions and building codes first to prevent getting into trouble for installing a vinyl deck in your home.

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