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Why You Should Rethink Moving Your Bathtub or Shower

Why You Should Rethink Moving Your Bathtub or Shower

Moving the bathtub and/or shower is one of the major considerations of planning a bathroom remodel. But should you move it at all? In today’s post, local bathroom remodeling and deck contractor Maris Home Improvements discusses why you should reconsider it for your bathroom remodel.

Why You Should Rethink Moving Your Bathtub or Shower

The Pros of Moving the Bathtub and Shower

Moving the major components of the bath area means you have to make just as major changes to the existing plumbing. This step involves taking parts of the wall out, which has its own benefits. If you have an old home, taking the wall apart will reveal hidden plumbing problems like damage or corrosion. This will give your remodeler an opportunity to perform repairs and make sure that you won’t have problems with the plumbing for the foreseeable future.

Old bathrooms may have plumbing that is not up to code anymore. A good remodeler and exterior renovation services contractor will recognize outdated plumbing and make sure that your new bathroom is up to code.

The Cons of Moving the Bathtub and Shower

Such major changes will, of course, raise the renovation costs significantly, as opposed to keeping the original plumbing where they are now. Installing new plumbing will require new piping and additional labor, as well as extend the time frame. If you are working with a limited budget, this could reduce your headroom, which may be needed in the event that unplanned repairs arise from issues with the plumbing or wall structure.

If you are planning on a series of partial bathroom renovations, moving the bath area can make the project more complex. It’s not just a simple matter of moving the tub and shower. Cabinets, fixtures, and lighting will also have to be moved elsewhere, which is not as simple when you’re only changing part of the bathroom. Holes in the drywall left by old plumbing will have to be covered or retiled until your next partial remodel. Unless your bathroom incorporates easy-to-find components like subway tiles, the patched-up changes will be very obvious.

Maris Home Improvements is your leading provider of bathroom remodeling and replacement window services, and can help you weigh the pros and cons of this and other aspects of bathroom remodeling. Give us a call at (636) 948-6004. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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