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Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel this season may be a major undertaking, but it offers many different benefits that can improve your quality of life. The premier interior and exterior remodeling contractor in the area, Maris Home Improvements, shares some of the reasons that make a bathroom remodeling project a worthy investment for every homeowner.

  1. Improved Layout. If you had to squeeze between the countertops and bathtub just to reach the shower area, or you couldn’t move across the bathroom without stubbing a toe, then you’ll need a much better layout for the space. A bathroom remodel can help with this. The project not only allows you to create a layout that ensures a smoother flow, which makes moving through the bathroom safer and easier but also gives the space a cleaner, more organized look. 
  1. Greater Comfort and Efficiency. A bathroom remodel gives you the opportunity to equip your space with more advanced options that ensure better comfort and efficiency. How about a tub with Jacuzzi-like features, or a wall-mounted tankless toilet that keeps water consumption to a minimum? Maybe radiant heat flooring or customized showerheads are more your style? Whatever bathroom features you like, you can count on Maris Home Improvements to incorporate them effectively to your space. We are more than just your siding replacement specialist, after all.
  1. Enhanced Beauty. Broken tiles, chipped countertops and mold in the corners do not make for a lovely bathroom. A carefully planned remodel, however, can take care of this. With the right products and materials, you can create a grout-free bathroom that allows for a sleeker, more stylish look–while making cleanup and maintenance a breeze. A remodel also gives you the freedom to switch your bathroom to whatever style you like. From coastal and contemporary, to traditional and Zen-style, the design possibilities are endless. 

Aside from serving as your go-to fencing contractor, Maris Home Improvements can also work on your bathroom remodeling needs. With our top-tier solutions, we’ll help you create the lovely, comfortable, and functional bath space you’ve always dreamed of. We proudly serve Chesterfield, MO and the Greater St. Louis area. Call us today at (636) 778-4343 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. 

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