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How To Use Paint Colors To Create a Mood in Your Bathroom

How To Use Paint Colors To Create a Mood in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are extremely personal spaces and how it is used depends largely on the person that bathroom is designed for. When remodeling a bathroom, not many people think about how the color of the walls dictate the room’s overall atmosphere. So, in today’s post, a bathroom remodeling and siding replacement specialist shares the most popular bathroom paint choices and the type of mood they can help create. 

All White

This is the ultimate classic. If you want to lend your bathroom a clean and sophisticated look, you cannot go wrong with an all-white bathroom. If all-white floors, walls, and accents are a bit too much for you, you can add a pop of color with bright accessories. 

Soft Grey

Painting your walls a soft grey is a great way to keep things neutral while still giving your bathroom a bit of an edge. Soft grey gives your bathroom a calm and cooling effect – think granite. If you want to introduce a bit of warmth, talk to your interior and exterior remodeling contractor about adding dark wood elements as accents.  

Earthy Browns

If you want to lend your bathroom a calm and zen-like feel then you should definitely consider brown as a wall color. No matter what shade of brown you choose, you are sure to create a spa-like atmosphere. If you want a more dramatic feel, go with a dark chocolate brown. If you want something more toned down, then a medium brown makes the perfect backdrop.

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