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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Master Bathroom

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Master Bathroom

When planning your master bathroom remodel, don’t just stop at replacing old features with similar new ones. In today’s post, bathroom remodeling and fencing contractor Maris Home Improvements shares ways to upgrade your master bathroom in your next remodeling project.

1. Floating Vanities — Floating vanities are mounted to the wall, which gives them a “floating” appearance. Floating vanities add a contemporary look to your bathroom, and help make the floor area look bigger. They work with just about any color palette and material and are easy to integrate into any existing bathroom remodeling plan.

2. Curbless Showers — There are many reasons why you should consider curbless showers, as opposed to the more common showers with a curb. One is that they make your bathroom look more spacious, as the flooring can continue from the main bathroom area into the shower instead of a distinct change. Another is it can benefit family members that are aging or have accessibility limitations, as it eliminates the need to step over a curb when getting in the shower. A good bathroom and exterior remodeling contractor will ensure that the shower has the proper slope for drainage.

3. Radiant Floor Heating — Everyone has had their share of winter mornings of going to the bathroom and stepping barefoot on a cold tile floor. Since the old flooring will be torn out anyway, take this as an opportunity to install radiant floor heating. In addition to making the bathroom floor more comfortable during cold seasons, the rising heat from the floor can also help heat the entire bathroom.

4. Skylights — If your master bathroom is located upstairs, consider installing skylights. They will allow lots of natural lighting into your bathroom and create a view while you’re bathing. Operable skylights can also improve bathroom ventilation, which makes it easy to flush out excess humidity. If your roof is recently replaced, you may need to consult with your roofing contractor whether installing a skylight will affect your roofing warranty coverage.

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