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4 Tile Trends We’re Loving This Year

4 Tile Trends We’re Loving This Year

Tiles offer homeowners many options to transform any room with eye-catching flair. But how do you choose the right tile for your home? Our exterior renovation and window replacement experts rounded up the four tile trends we love this year, so you can pick your favorite style!

1. Ceramic Tile Trends

A classic and timeless choice, ceramic tiles come in various shapes, sizes and textures that offer a wide selection of styles. This year’s ceramic tile trends include glossy, textured and patterned tiles, adding an eye-catching design layer to any kitchen or bathroom. From Moroccan Trellis patterns to intricate tiling designs, you can explore the available models at home improvement showrooms or online for creative ideas!

2. Wood Tile Trends

Wood-look tiles are an ideal choice for a cost-effective and contemporary upgrade to any interior. These tiles look remarkably like natural wood with their weathered and reclaimed textures! Even better yet, you can get the same high-end feel of hardwood flooring without having to worry about warping or damaging water exposure. Whitewashed finishes and natural grain patterns enhance country vibes in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Glass Tile Trends

The beautiful combination of light reflection and colored glass opens the possibilities for creative glass tile trends. According to an exterior renovation services provider, options range from iridescent, metallic and patterned tiles that stand out with a modern aesthetic vibe. They not only look good, but you can also use them in bathrooms and kitchens as glazed surfaces are easily maintained and waterproof.

4. Natural Stone Tile Trends

The rich textures and earthy tones of limestone, travertine and marble tiles are unmistakable. This year’s natural stone trends use deeper-than-usual hues to complement warm palettes for bathrooms and kitchens! The rustic charm of these options provides an organic look that is both stylish and authentic. Rocking this trend will add character to your home without sacrificing quality or performance.

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