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Walk-In Tub Considerations You Need to Know

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to get a walk-in tub for their bathroom remodeling project. It can be to add more style and convenience or to increase their home’s resale value. You may also choose a walk-in tub if it enhances your bathroom experience. After all, a walk-in tub can bring several benefits with the right features. But how can you get a walk-in tub that’s ideal for your needs and preferences? Local bathroom and fencing contractor Maris Home Improvements shares a few considerations to keep in mind:

The Right Bathroom Features

One of the most recognizable features found in safe walk-in bathrooms is their doors. They can be either inward or outward-opening depending on your preference, but they’re good features to have especially if you’re planning to make your bathroom remodel more senior-friendly. This is because the doors help your aging parent or any elderly person step safely in and out of the tub while also creating a seal while they’re inside!

Other features can make your walk-in tub more customized to your needs and preferences. This includes bubble jets, warm air massage systems, and even smart features that add more convenience to your bathroom experience. Consult with your bathroom and siding replacement specialist about how you can make your walk-in tub safer and more convenient for your bathroom remodel!

Ideal Walk-in Bathroom Size and Design

Most bathtubs are around 60 feet long and 32 inches wide. If you’re replacing it with a walk-in model, you may be considering a bigger size, but consider your bathroom’s existing space if it can accommodate a bigger tub. Most walk-in tub replacements were installed where the old bathtubs sit since many contractors offer customized sizes and design configurations! 

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